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Amongst the leaves and blades of grass are some interesting nature spirits.

Some of them appear a bit warrior-like.

Nature spirits                     Indian Warrior Leaf

Let's take a look at a lively patch of Bluebells!

Can you see the lady below wearing a low-cut black dress?

Fairytastic for Kids               Translucent spirit photos               Transparant spirits

There's quite a little gathering taking place near the lady above.

From left to right: a woman wearing shades sits opposite a another lady who is wearing a pointy hat. Behind them are some males not facing the camera and wearing decorative hats.

Spirit Photographs

Spirits of nature photos                 Nature Spirits                Duke Ghost

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Here's where they were photographed:

Woodland Fairies, Nature Spirits


Can you find the lady in the black dress and her companions in the photo crop below?

Paranormal Photos

Taking a closer look at the others in the photo above:

Leaf Spirit Photographs                         Elementals

Nature spirits at play

Little spirit photograph             Leaf nature spirits             Spirit elementals             Miniscule spirit photos

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Can you see an interesting warrior figure with a light-coloured 'cloth' fastened across his eyes in this next photo?

Forest Fairy

This is quite a clear example of ethereal clothing:

Elves and Pixie Photos                 Indian Warrior Leaf                 Elementals

Pixies, Elves and Fairies                     Nature's spirits                     Tiny nature spirits

Spirit of the leaves

Fairies attracted to shiny things

Cherubs               Spirits and manifestation               Spirit of leaves and trees

An observation by others and myself is that the smaller make up the larger. Elementals build form. In the crop below on the left, it looks to me a bit like an owl. And beneath this owl, it looks like an ethereal ring.

Fae attracted to gold rings             The Fae, Gnomes, Elves             Nature spirits             Nature

Spirit of wildlife                 Spirit of the leaf                 Elementals

Leaf Spirit               Nature spirits               Nature Forum

Leaves are fascinating!

Can you see the translucent impressions on this one?

Impression of faces on leaves

Images on leaves             King spirit             Leaf spirits             Spirit of leaves

Leaf faces                 Nature spirits                 Nature elementals

Check out the shades!

As well as a passion for ornate hats, some of them seem to like sunglasses!

nature spirit

Nature spirits                       Nature spirits in sunglasses

Nature spirits               Nature spirits               Nature spirits on camera               Nature spirits               Spirit of nature

photo of nature spirit

          Strange leaf faces           Small nature spirits           Miniscule spirits in photos           Elementals           Nature spirits

Some spirits are miniscule           Nature spirits           Nature spirit forum           Forum for elementals discussions           Elementals

Spiritual forum               Photography forum                 Spirit photography forum

Ghost puzzles

Spirit Puzzles                 Puzzling ghosts                

Elementals, fairies

            Nature spirits             Elemental beings             Elemental beings             Fascinating nature photos

Nature spirit photo forums

Forum for spirit photos               Forum for spirit photos               Forum for spirit photos               Forum for spirit photos

Nature spirits               Elementals               Nature spirits               Elementals

Nature spirits                         Nature spirits             Warrior elementals         Nature's spirits             Nature spirits

Nature spirits

Information about nature spirits               Nature spirits               Nature spirits               Nature spirit photo

Nature spirits and fairies

Hiding spirits                 Leaf faces                 Elemental beings

Nature spirits               Elementals               Spirits in the grass

These individuals have been lightened slightly to better bring out their features:

Spirit photos             Nature spirits             Nature spirits             Nature spirits             Nature elements             Little elementals

Elementals               Little spirits               Nature spirits               Tiny spirits               Nature

Proof of elemental spirits

Prooving spirits exist                 Proof that spirits exist                 Elemental beings                 Prooving ghosts exist

How to prove spirits exist                   mediumship and spirits

How mediumshp works

Spiritworld existence                 Contacting spirits safely                 mediums that talk to the dead

psychics and medium photographs                 Spiritual photos                 Bizzare spirit faces

Leafy spirit beings

Photographing nature                 Female nature spirits

Weird faces amongst leaves                     Nature spirits

Leaf spirits

Hope you enjoyed Fairytastic #5 Bluebell Warrior.

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