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Fairytastic Kids #4 CANDOURELLE

Real fairy photography, true fae

Faces of Faeries                 True Fairy

Candourelle looks quite patient sitting behind a leaf.

There is a lot of activity by the many nature spirits from the same tree where she was photographed:

Can you spot Candourelle in photo crop 1 below?

Someone is peering over her shoulder.

Hunting for real fairies

Can you see someone curiously peering over Candourelle's shoulder?

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And the other beings around Candourelle:

Some sort of animal being below - a bit pup-like - but in a humorous way - not quite symmetrical.

Fairies at play                       Princess and the frog

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Another odd-looking being:

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Taking a closer look at everyone else in photo crop 1:

What do you see?

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Where there's some peculiar characters.

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