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Fairytastic Kids #5 DORIS DAFFY

Real Pixie Photos

Below is the daffodil patch where Doris Daffy was photographed:

Dwarves and Elves real photos

Meet some of Doris's friends. They are excellent look-outs!

Photo crop 1:

Looking for fairies and pixies

Taking a closer look at all the beings from the above photo. Can you see them between the blades of grass? And also infused into the grass.

Gnomes hiding in the grass

Gnomes and Elfin                   Peeking Faces

Gnome picture

Elf Photographs                     Elf and Gnome Photographs

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Photos of Elves and the Fae             Miniscule beings             Where elves live

Nature spirits often show themselves in the background of photos.

Pixies hiding in flowers

Real Gnome and Elf photographs                 Real Elf Photographs

Gnome's hiding places                 Elf Elemental                 Little nature spirit photographs

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Capturing nature spirits on camera

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Flower spirits               Elementals amongst flowers               Flowers and nature spirits               Flowers and the Fae

Evoking spirits                 Fae and Flowers                 Spiritual Awakening

Psychic Path         Finding Faces         Unique Faces         Seeing faces         Facial Expressions         Making Faces

Spiritual Path                 Being spiritual                 Psychic Development

Spirits hide

Little People                 Smallest beings                 Strange happenings

Photo crop 2.

Fairies in the Wilderness

Can you spot Doris and other elementals in the next photo?

Real Pixie Photos

Hunt for faces puzzle

Can you see this little chap wearing some sort of white decorative cloak?

Spirit Kings

King ghost character                 Spirit King

Nature Spirit                 Nature spirit photographs                 Little spirit photos

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Looking for elementals             Spirits of Grass             Size of elementals             How small are elementals?

How to photograph elemental spirits               Catching elementals on camera               Ghosts of Royalty               Jester Spirit

What size are nature spirits?                 What size are nature spirits?                 What size are elemental sprits?

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Hunting for faces

Faun Images                     pixies at play

Little Pixie Faces                 Little Elf Faces                 Little Gnome Faces

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Undines and Sylph Photos

Fruit Spirits           Earthly spirits           Earth spirits           Spirits of Rocks and Mountains           Spirits of the Earth

Spirits of crystals and minerals           Rock spirits           Crystal sprits           Spirits of stone and rocks           Spirit of minerals           Plant sprits

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Elemental understanding             Ground spirits             Proof of pixies and dwarves             Existence of earth elementals             Grass spirits

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