Relax your eyes and see spirit faces.

Nature spirits unveiled, beyond the veil

Real Faerie Photographs

Elemental Beings


Real gnomes, gnome photography

Visit the FORUM to discover more about nature spirits & how to capture them on camera.

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Real fairy

Elemental beings photos. Photos of real fairies, gnomes and nature spirits.

Photos of waterfall undines

Photos of nature spirits

Enter Parallel Universes, Parallel Frequency Photos

Real gnomes, gnome photos

Fire elementals, photos of fire spirits

Real elementals

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Real gnomes, gnome photo

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Emperor elementals

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(Continued . . .) Real Fairy Photographs

Real Fairy Photos #98:


Holding real fairy in hand

Holding a fairy

Real Fairy Photos #111:


Real Fairy Photos #99:

Real Magic

Fairy princess                 Nature's Wonders                 Nature photos

Real Fairy Photos #108:


Real Fairy Photos #100:

Fairy Forum

Nature spirit photography forum             Forum for fairy lovers             Forum for faerie photos             Books on Magick             Books on magick

Real Fairy Photos #109:


Real Fairy Photos #101:

Where do fairies live?

True Faeries                 Faerie Faces in Photos                

Real Fairy Photos #103:

Looking for fairies in trees

White fairy faces                               

Real Fairy Photos #102:

Tiny nature spirits in trees             Faces of Faeries             True Fairy            Fairies and Folk

Real Fairy Photos #104:

The beings around the top left-hand side are pointing something at the two beings to their right.

Possibly wands or ethereal swords which are light blue in colour.

The beings on the right have very long chins if you can see them in side profile facing left?

Fairy Frolics

Fae Secrets                   Fairy Play

Faeries playing             Magic Books             Magick Information

Real Fairy Photos #105:

Enchantment             Faerie Forum             Fae Folk             Psychic Experiences

Real Fairy Photos #106:

Nature spirit art

Hologram Photos               Witchy Photos               Enchanting Elementals               Witchy Graphics

Real Fairy Photos #107:

Genuine fairy encounters

Real Fairy Photos #139:

Fairy meditations

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