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(Continued…) Fairytastic #12 WINDSOR CASTLE GARDENS

More elemental beings found in the plants and flowers around the pond at Windsor Castle.

Photo Crop 3

Faeries hiding in the grass

Photo Crop 4

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Photo Crop 5

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Photo crop 6

The fountain rock and pond are teeming with rock and water spirits

Water Spirit Photos

Taking a closer look at the 100's elementals in the above photo:

Water Spirits

Water Spirits Photo             Windsor Castle Ghosts             Water Elementals             Elementals of the Water

Pond elementals

Ghostly waters

Can you see the rock and water spirits below?

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Fountain nymphs         Undine nymph photographs         Water elementals         Undine photos         Water spirit photos

Spirit faces visible in the castle pond water, rocks and plants:

Fountain Undines

Undines, water spirit photos           Pond nymphs           Real spirit in water photo           Photos of spirits in a pond           Photos of spirits in water

Ghostly reflections in water

Water and ghostly reflections               Water and ghosts               Ghostly faces               Water elementals

Ghost reflections

Pond deva photos         Water spirits         Water beings         Beings of water photos         Pond elementals         Pond nature spirits         Water devas

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Deva presence                     Water reflection of faces

Elemental beings             Photos of spiritual beings             Beings of spirit             Elementals of the water             Water spirits

Pond spirits

Spirit reflected in water

Ghosts and spirits             Nature spirits             Nature's elementals             Nature spirit photos             Spirits and fountains

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Ghost reflections             Nymph photos             Spirits and nature

Castle pond spirits         Ghosts in ponds         Nymph photos         Water nymph images

Elementals are everywhere. Look at the stones around the pond edge.

  Ghostly waters

Stone spirits           Spirits of stone           Nature photographs           Strange looking spirits           Peculiar looking spirits         Strange spirits

Pond elementals

Fountain magick     Faces of spirits     Spirits     Spirit photos     Elementals

Fountain nymphs

Fountain and pond spirits           Fountain nymph photos           Undines, nature spirits           Pond Leaf Elementals           Pond spirit photos

Nymphs, undines, spirits

Elemental photography         Spirits         Nature Photos         Elemental website

Pond spiritual activity                   Magickal Fountains                   Water elementals

Spirits in water

Undines in fountains       Water elementals       Water spirits       Nature's energy       Nymphs and undines       Water nymph activity       Spirits

Photo Crop 7

Hope you enjoyed Fairytastic #12 Windsor Castle Gardens.

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