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Once you are adept at recognising elemental energy in your photos, etheric items and crafts may stand out, drawing your attention - clear ninety-degree angles, parallel lines and items with a silvery glint to them - all sorts of interesting activity taking place.

Elementals can appear onboard etheric crafts.

There's an Etheric Craft Link on the forum if you discover any vehicles of an etheric nature in your own photos and would like to add them to the collection of carriages, boats and raft-type forms that we are building up.

Below are some photos from Pictoriale and I of what we see as crafts in our photos.

Etheric Craft #1

Can you see the water boats Pictoriale's captured? There are beings onboard and around the craft formations pointed out in the waves.

Ethereal vehicles, Etheric Craft, Photos

Etheric Craft #2

I see two boats in the photo below which is of blossom petals and leaves upon the ground.

There appears to be a little boat in the bottom right-hand corner that is occupied with passengers.

In the largest boat, stretching the width of the photo crop, there seems to be a chimney-type formation in a brown/reddish shade in the top left-hand area with beings beneath it ocucpying the craft.

At the front end of the boat, I see a spiral mast with a sail which contains the impression of a face in side profile facing to the right.

Can you see the big smile of the whitish/translucent being who seems to standing behind the spiral mast and enjoying himself?

In the middle area, there are shadowy figures - one in a pointy hat. It's as if they are undercover.

Nature spirit photo forum

Taking a closer look!

As well as the smiling being, I see a female facing to the right, her face manifested with others just below the spiral mast and to the left of the sail.

Ethereal carriages and transport

Can you see the nature spirits below the 'chimney'?

If you look at the dark areas where beings are not present, there are some clear angles and box-like formations. Very interesting I think!

Elemental behaviours

Middle of the larger boat:

Elemental theories

The smaller boat:

Spirit boat

Etheric Craft #3

Pictoriale uses a USB microscope and discovers worlds within worlds in many things.

The photo below is of the inner world of a clear quartz crystal and the crystal beings can have an enchanting feel to them and it's so easy to lose a sense of time when looking at them.

There is a feeling of movement taking place from left to right in this photo. 

If you look at the darker colours above Pictoriale's watermark, it looks like a stairway and above that some etheric craft. The formation on the right reminds me of a sleigh!

Crystal spirits, photo of crystal beings

Etheric Craft #4

This is a challenge to see.

I see an ethereal runway with a row of little carriages and the smiley faces on the front og them remind me of Thomas The Tank Engine!

There are four white arrows pointing to what I see as four carriages.

Click here or on the image below to view full size.

spirit photography forum

Before showing close-ups of the individual carriages, take a look at this little chap from the top right area, who seems to have an etheric object which looks like a shiny pipe or perhaps a bell or whistle of some sort:

Ethereal objects, photos

Carriage 1

The front of this carriage is in the bottom left area. Can you see the face on the front? About mid-way of the vehicle it looks like a sock if you can see it?

Paranormal investigators                     Spirit Transport

Carriage 2

Photos of ethereal beings                    

Carriage 3 & 4

And the chap with the pipe!

The front end of the third carriage is in the bottom left-hand corner. Where it ends, there is bumper-to-bumper another formation with what I believe is another face at the front which is facing down.

Spirit carriages

The main photo seems very busy with some sort of activity. Below is the front of carriage 3:

Carriages used by spirits

Etheric Craft #5

Craft of the air element.

Look closely to see the craft used by air spirits in this cloud photo.

Part of a form in Pictoriale's photo here reminds me of the head of a viking ship.

Air spirits using boats in the sky

Etheric Craft #6

The front of a docked boat in an upright position?

Nature spirits have shown that they manipulate physical surroundings, e.g. a hat is of leaf.

What I saw here leapt out at me as appearing to be the front end of a docked boat with a twig beneath.

Ships used by the spirit world

Ethereal ships

Can you see in the crop above that this does not look like an ordinary leaf? Below are some of the beings present in the photo which is again of blossom petals freshly fallen.


Etheric Craft #7

In another photo of blossom petals on the ground, what do you see?

Spirits Transportation, Paranormal Photography

This looks to me like open-sided subway carriages and inside are nature spirits:

Ethereal runways

And nearby I see what looks like a petal boat with passengers within:

How elementals travel

Etheric Craft #8

This is a tiny crop of water beings of a lake glimpsed through some blades of grass.

In the bottom right-hand corner is what appears to be another etheric boat. There are 'lines' on the formation and also possibly a little flag (which could also be a leg of a being standing on the craft.)

water spirit boat

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse at the transport systems of the spirit world!