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"Should the planet upon which humanity resides not be respected and nurtured back into a healthy state, humanity will revert back into a prior animalistic nature following further global catastrophes."


Ethereal light photos spirits

Faeries, elemental beings, devas - they are known by many names.

Photographing nature spirits           Female Tree Spirit Photo           Lady Tree Spirit                              

This page includes an explanation of the blurring effect that often occurs naturally, and is an important factor of spirit photography.

Pixies and elves in photographs                

The photos on this site are not showing reality as it is usually perceived.

It can be a task to isolate a single elemental in a photo because they commonly manifest en masse.

Imagine a family portrait: each human body is singularly defined within the group. Even if they squeeze tightly together, wrapping arms around one another, you can work out which visible body part belongs to whom.

However, within a gathering of nature spirits, they can overlap one another. Their biological makeup is different to a human being, enabling multiple beings to occupy the same space, at the same time.

Not always, but sometimes, you can see through their bodies, they are translucent.

Sometimes they are fully manifest, sometimes partially manifest.

Therefore the beings to the forefront will not necessarily block out any beings behind them or anything else in the background either.

Consequently, there can be a layering effect. When you tune into these layers, you may see something different every time you look. And other people will not as a rule, home in on the exact same being that most catches your eye.

Nature spirit energy can be a natural hologram. If you take your time viewing the images the beings may come forward for you.

If you shift your eyes focus slightly one way or the other, then a different set of faces can emerge.

Our own bodies have only a small percentage of solid matter - two percent - according to Spirit Guide Sparrow, not twenty-five percent.

See real fairies             How to attract fairies, real fairy             How to photograph spirits

Nature spirits are not just found within the trees and plants, they exist and can be photographed in all the elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Elemental energy can be photographed in our homes, furnishings, walls, food, pet's fur, insects - everywhere - and that includes your hair too!



Nature spirits can bend light to be seen or unseen, to fade and in and out of our dimension. The camera is a tool to see the unseen. They materialise by thought and will alone - a form of conscious technology.

Contacting faeries, fairy realms                         Fairies in motion

Scientists have developed the invisibility cloak using calcite crystals.

When this cloaking device of natural crystals is placed over an object, the object then becomes invisible to the naked eye as light bends around the object which is very Harry Potter.


Nature spirit in motion photo             Real fairy with wand             Photo of nature spirit standing in leaves            

Nature spirits usually manifest as a mass of energy and, there is no 'right way up' as demonstrated in the photos below. The same little gathering is shown from four different angles, producing four different sets of faces in a 3-Dimensional effect:

The Elementals             Researching nature spirits

Nature spirit researchers             Fairy research

If you have any orb photos of your own and see a face in the orb - look closer. Are you sure it's just the one face you see? Try viewing it from different angles.


Fairy Tricks         Fairy Magic         Real fairy magick

Above are consecutive photos, taken moments apart.

In the first, there is a little lady peering out at the camera. In the next , she has vanished!

You may also notice that there is a rearrangement of the leaves. They can manipulate the physical surroundings as well as camouflaging themselves by infusing themselves into it. They can enter or exit our dimension in the blink of an eye. I have found that they seem to love having their photo taken - not shy at all as some faerie folklore states.

In the photo previous to these two - there is what some may say is a faerie, but I would prefer to say it is a bug.

Fairy lights, fairy sightings


The answer is not down to a photography error or an out-of-focus shot.

You are looking behind the veil, into another dimension, a parallel world, a different frequency of light, sound and energy, that is more ethereal, less physical. Sometimes several photos in a row come out a complete blur. This can sometimes occur when there is a strong connection between them and the photographer.

You may be blind to them the first time you look. If you experience the 'Aha!' moment, it's like riding a bike - once you've mastered it - it cannot be unlearned.

Water spirit photos     Spirits and tree trunks                

What do you see in the photos below?

First impression is probably, and understandably, of a total blur., but there's many wee folk in there, some standing.


Forest Encounters

That same photo of 'leaves' in monochrome:

Nature spirit encounters


Below are three consecutive photos of the same tree, taken seconds apart. Notice how different the properties of light and shade are in middle photo?

These photos have not been altered in any way - they are natural as taken - and on the same camera setting.

The sun is shining in all three photos, evident by the tree trunk shadow. When viewed full-size, the middle photo is extremely blurry.

Nature spirits are fully manifested in the middle 'blurry' photo. They have surged forward in a 3-D effect, leaning into this dimension and have moulded the surroundings to expose their features. They can literally wear nature around their form creating some fine leafy hats and blossom bonnets.

Just look at how dark the shade is to the left and right of the tree in the middle photo, how the 'leaves' are not how leaves are ordinarily seen, how they have changed. It is no accident that this photo came out blurry and nature spirits materialised because they were ASKED if they kindly would appear for a photo; they do not need to enter our dimension at all. They choose to do so.

They can read your intentions, your thoughts and your emotions which are broadcast on the electromagnetic spectrum. There are many energy waves unseen, for example micro waves, radio waves, ultra violet light.

You do not need to ask out loud if they will show themselves.

Manipulating energy, spiritual activity   Spirits in shadow photos   Seeing tree spirits and faeries


Right: how leaves are ORDINARILY seen.

Left: nature spirits crafting the surroundings to sya, "Hello." Do you see the natural occurring blurring?

Matrix of energy, ethereal fabric

Below is an example of how the fae can manifest in a blur. Once your eyes are attuned to seeing them, images with blurring are a pleasure to look at, though there are many far clearer and sharper images on this site available to browse, but this is what they do to show themselves...


Blossom Tree Fairy Photo

I have many photos like this and I really enjoy them!

I used to discard them and think my photography skills seriously needed improving, until Pictoriale pointed out that nature spirit movement causes this blurring effect. Energy is being manipulated as they manifest and when they are in the vicinity.

Their biological makeup is different to a human being. So, in photos, they are not as clearly defined as a human being or animal.

Once you understand what you're looking at, it's easier to see them.



To the rear of this photo is a fire spirit who is wearing some sort of a helmet - similar to that of a roman soldier or a knight. Can you see the glint on the helmet? He is wearing long garments, has an outstretched arm and seems to be using a fire wand or rod.

Fire wands, fire spirit photos

Many nature spirits shown on this site have manifested quite solidly - as well as they are able to.

It's fascinating to see them hanging out of walls, tree trunks, visible in the shadows.

It's helpful to think microscopic when gazing at the images. The beings can be very tiny and need to be viewed without haste to properly tune into them.


These beings can be right under your nose.

This is a photo of my son's hair showing some hair elementals. I have photographed these before in the hair of strangers - we all have them.

Nature spirits around you               Hair Elementals, Body Elementals


Below there is a faerie statue to the left. Incense is burning and it appears that an air spirit is taking an interest in, and mimicking the faerie figurine.

Also in the Gallery, at the bottom of this page, there are some life-size statues besides a water fountain and another interesting example of mimicking.

Nature spirits mimicing


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Appearance-wise, nothing really stands out to define nature beings in photographs. They can be all the colours under rainbow, perfectly blending in with the environment where they were photographed or stand out and apart from it.

The majority favour wearing hats. They can be giant or miniscule. If two photos are side-by-side of beings on a flower head and beings on a mountainside, nothing leaps out to discern which beings are the biggies or the littlies.

Therefore, defining them by the way they present themselves and dress in photographs is virtually impossible. They can however effect the way you feel when viewing. Water spirits can be hypnotic, beings of dried leaves are lively little fellows, beings in blossom are uplifting, beings of snow are commonly smiling.

So it is not considered appropriate to attempt labelling which species of faerie is photographed. Also, there are so many different names worldwide for them, many terms given are linked to prefixed notions about their appearance and behaviour - a lot of that is negative and absolute nonsense.

Considering there can be over 1,000 elemental beings in one tree, it keeps it simple to refer to those as tree spirits or earth spirits.

Forum for nature spirits     Faces in flowers, fairy     Nature spirits     Fairies in flowers     Elementals     Forum for nature spirits     Forum for nature spirits

I'm happy to keep them all under one umbrella - faeries, nature spirits, elementals or just beings.

On the forum we have nicknames for them like leafies, rockies, grassies, cloudies, etc, which keeps it simple, is not based on possible guesswork and leaves no room for others to question terminology, leaving space for people to explore the photo with an blank canvass.

To state for a fact, for example, that a being is an imp, I would like to know exactly what an imp is, what its role is, WHY is it there and how is it known for a FACT that it is an imp. And any information provided from rehashed content that does the rounds will not suffice.

Strange elementals       Female elemental beings       Bizzare looking elementals       Witch Spirits       Nature spirits


Below is a photo of a few leaves and branches from the Wee Tree Folk Photos.

The photo was taken at dusk, which is a magical time for taking nature spirit photos. Dusk photos often come out very colourful.

What do you see? Think miniscule and run your eyes slowly over the photo. Can you actually see any tree?

Investigating reality and illusion, spiritual angle

In some photos elementals occupy every space. The trees, rivers and walls seem entirely made up of these beings.

Scientists attempt to discover the biggest mystery of all – the nature of reality. Perhaps it is a matrix of these beings making up our reality - a cosmic hologram - an ethereal fabric.

The smaller beings usually make up the larger forms. It is comical they way they can topple together to form something. By paying attention to detail, what initially looks like one being, can turn out to be several. What initially looks like one being's hair, could be another being creating that hair. Sometimes a hat is clearly defined, sometimes the hat, body parts or their clothing are other beings making up those things. It is fascinating to study!

Sometimes they create a personal message for the photographer, forming gateways, doors, stairways, pentacles - and writing and symbols too. So communication is two-way. We have proven this on the forum by carrying out experiments, asking for specific things when taking a photo.

Clothing experiment: the elementals were asked if they could possibly dress in a particular way: witchy clothing first, then cowboys and indians. Amazingly, they obliged and materialised in those dress themes, providing proof that they build form, that they can mimic, that communication with them is telepathic as they manifested thought-forms!

So what is your reality? And what is illusion?


Look closely at this squirrel's fur. Can you see the beings there? Nature spirits are also present in the background and whatever it is that the squirrel is munching on.


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If you wish to discover more about nature spirits or get some tips about taking photos yourself, please visit the forum.

Pictoriale is joint partner on the forum and has ten years experience researching these beings.

We are usually both in the forum on a daily basis.

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The forum is packed with new photos of nature spirits - from around the world

There are many detailed discussions about the beings with research discoveries - some ground-breaking - and experiments from nature spirit photographers and researchers worldwide.

We are making many unique discoveries and observations backed up with photo evidence.

We have a lot of banter, would love you to join us and we are happy to examine your photos.