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Real Fairy Photos

"The key to finding your true divine nature is through the connection to Mother Nature."


Fairy Photo Gallery, Real Fairies

Fairy Gallery, Photo Collection of Fae

Fae Photo Gallery, Real Photos of Faeries

Faeries Forum, Fairy Picture Gallery, Real Photos

Fairy Photos #73

There are many fae folk photos within the pages of this site and also on the forum.

Here is a selection of some of them and some new faerie photo crops.

But... can you see them?

Faerie Photos #15:

The Real Fae                Puzzle Books, finding faces

Fairy Art, fairy artist, real fairies


If so, you may not see any faeries at all.

Fae Photos #71

Fairy hats and bonnets       Fairies leaf hats       Fae dress       Fairy folk, fairy realm       Fairy photography       Hiding faries       Fairy camouflage

Fae Photography, Real fae photographs

Faerie Photos #14:

Connecting with real faeries

Fairies having fun       Faces of the fae, photos       Fairy faces, fairy beings, nature spirits      

Photo proof of the fae

How to see real fairies

How To See Real Fairies

The molecular structure of a faerie is not the same as a human being - it is more ethereal, less physical.

They can infuse or expose in the flowers and leaves. They are the camouflage masters.

This blurring is caused by their energy as they manifest and present themselves.

Relax and gaze at this photo and think microscopic as you run your eyes over it very slowly, with patience.

Do they come forward and emerge for you?

Don't necessarily look in between the blossom, look at the blossom, bark and leaves. There are many fae folk in an assortment of colours.

Don't write off the photo off as an out-of-focus shote - this is natural, untouched, as taken.

This is not how reality is usually perceived with the naked eye - it is a glimpse thrugh the veil.

Click here to read about fairy energy causing a blurring effect in photos.

Fairy Photos #74

Do fairies really exist?

I see no wings present in any of the photos which begs the question, do faeries have wings?

They have never shown themselves to me this way. Sometimes there is ethereal light which resembles wings.

I cannot say for a fact that no species of faerie bears wings. It's simply that I do not have a shred of evidence that they do which is based on a meticulous study of tens of thousands of photos.

Angels do not have wing;, they are perfect beings of light and energy and have no need whatsoever to physically fly anywhere.

They may manifest with wings to you, to be recognised for the type of beings that they are, how you would be comfortable to recognise them.

How to see a real fairy

Gossamer wings feature in Disney animations and popularly in artwork from the Victorian era onwards. And the hoax Cottingley faerie photos have fixed impressions in people's minds. It is best to set aside all you have ever read, seen in movies and view these photos with a clear mind.

Fire spirits do not burn and harm themselves in the flames. Water spirits do not drown.

The air is filled with air spirits - they do not need to physically flap wings to 'stay up' abiding by the laws of gravity as we understand them.

I hope you enjoy the following pages of real fairy photos and that you are able to see them.

Fairy Photos #5:

Faerie Portholes     Fae portholes     Porthole to the fae     Fae frequency     Fae fairy     Fairy blossom trees

Fairy Portholes

Real Fairy Photos #86:

Real fairy, flower hats

Fairy Photos #9:

Real fairy

Do fairies really exist?

Fairy Photos #10:

Green fairies

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Faerie Photos that are real             Fairy Magic             Two faces in one             2 faces in 1

Fairies with green faces

Fairy Photos #90:

Castles and Spirits     Spirit encounters at castles     Elemental Consciousness     Elemental Energies     Cojoined spirits     Force of the elements     Nature's beautiful faces     Earth's beauty

Spirits of Windsor Castle Gardens

Devas & Elementals       Castle Spirits       Beauty of nature       Power of forces of nature       Nature's elemental forces       Garden sprits

Spirits in your garden     Cojoined Faces     Spirit faces blended together     Spirits and beings of nature     Spirit couples     Spirit partners

Cute elemental beings     Nature's forces     Cojoined spirits     Spirits cojoined     Charm of the elementals     Spirits in plants     Forces of the elementals

Real Fairy Photography #46:

Real fairy

Fairies, pixies and elves, photos

Real Fairy Photography #76:

Flower fairies, fairies in flowers                   Fairies in blossom trees

Looking for fairies in nature

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