Relax your eyes and see spirit faces.

Nature spirits unveiled, beyond the veil

Real Faerie Photographs

Elemental Beings


Real gnomes, gnome photography

Visit the FORUM to discover more about nature spirits & how to capture them on camera.

Contacting faeries, fairy realms

Elemental Animals

Element Groups of Elementals     Element Groups and Nature Spirits

Friendly fairies

Witchy Elementals

Fairies in motion

Fairy forums

Spirit photos taken of water

Leaf spirits, beings of leaves

Spirits in waterfalls     Waterfall spirit photo

Gnomes and elementals

Real fairy

Photos of waterfall undines

Photos of nature spirits

Funny spirit faces

Real gnomes, gnome photos

Fire elementals, photos of fire spirits

Real elementals

See real fairies

Can you photograph real fairies?


Real gnomes, gnome photo

Nature spirit info & discussions
Spirit photographers & researchers
Videos, fairy photos, gnome photos, orbs
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Elementals Nature Spirit Forum

Real Gnomes


Genuine fairy photography

Fae Folk Photos

Nature spirits

Ethereal light around elementals and spirits

Real fairy photography

Faerie photos

The Elementals

REAL FAIRY photos. Photos of GNOMES and elementals.

Working with the elementals

Bending light, nature spirits and elementals

Elementals manifestation

Spirits wearing cloaks, cloaked spirit photo

Nature spirits

Witch spirits, witchy spirit elementals

Elementals gathering

Elementals of trees

Flower fairy photos, real fairies in flowers

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(Continued . . .) Real Fairy Photographs

Real Fae Photos #61:

Witches and Fairies             Fairies and witches

Real Fae Photos #62:

Lare elementals, nature spirit beings

What are fairies?         What are elementals?                 Beings of the elements         What are faeries?

Proof of fairies

Real Fae Photos #92

Nature spirits             Nature spirit photo             Elementals

Peculiar looking spirits

Elemental and magick     Tree magick     Magickal nature     Nature spirit photo     Nature's elementals

Real Fae Photos #63:

How to see the elementals           Communicate with elementals via a photo           Elemental beings can be photographed           Nature spirits caught on camera

Elemental beings on the ground           How to photograph real fairies           How to see elementals           Learn how to see nature spirits

Fairies Are Real

Real Fae Photos #89:

Sourceress               Witchcraft and Enchantment

Sourcery and the Craft             Sourceress Photos             Nature spirits             Enchantress Photos      

Real Fae Photos #69:

Fairy Artist, Real Fairies                    Gnome Artist, Real Gnomes

Learn how to see spirits

Real Fae Photos #70:

Pixies & fairy photos, real photos

Elves, pixies and fairies. Real photos.

Real Fae Photos #94:

Do fairies really exist?

Real Fae Photos #95:

Are fairies real?

Real Fae Photos #96:

Can you really see fairies?

Real Fae Photos #67:


Fairies in Glastonbury

Real Fae Photos #65:

Real Gnomes, Gnomes Are Real

Real Fae Photos #127:


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