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"Knowing something to be true does not require the beliefs of others, for there is no doubt present. What is left is an innate desire to share it so that a deeper connection is forged with the universe."     - Spirit Guide Sparrow


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"Whoever controls the flow of energy controls you, your life, your potential, your limitations, your beliefs, your spiritual growth, your future, everything about you."

"There are those who will argue, but they have free will, nobody controls them. Yet what they are permitted to choose from within this free will is what is actually being controlled."       - Spirit Guide Sparrow

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Naturally, the human brain finds shapes it is familiar with. This can actually PREVENT a lot of people from seeing nature beings in photos and they can be totally blind to the elementals the first time they look for them, as they can be hidden in plain sight.

If you see nothing out of the ordinary to begin with, acknowledge that your human brain labels that which it already knows and is familiar with. Therefore, when your eyes first fall upon a photo of tree spirits, your brain is likely to pigeonhole the image as just a tree.

This is because it recognises a tree, and is comfortable to compute it as only that.

If you have never seen the spirits of a tree before, your brain has nothing to compare them with. You may be blind to tree spirits the first time you look for them.

A human brain can struggle to process information from another reality. For example, translating into words that accurately reflect what is experienced, seen and felt during meditation, when you can go beyond the mind and be more open to receive data from a source not based in a physical reality.

To see what these photos contain, it is to your advantage to clear your mind; to put aside all you have ever read, seen in movies or heard about faeries. You are likely to be disappointed if you are searching for fictional Tinkerbell.

Anyone viewing a nature spirit photo who wishes to experience the ‘Aha!’ moment, may see them if they still the mind chatter and simply allow them to come forward with no preconceived ideas as to what they look like.

If it does not resonate with you that faces in clouds could possibly be air spirits, then perhaps try photographing something in closer proximity. Like many things, discernment is key.

There wouldn’t be a presence, something that could be felt, looking at a matrixed face. I could matrix a face in my bathroom tiles or a piece of toast by piecing together shading that just so happens to look like a face. But it would be a cold, two-dimensional, inanimate face. And the one in the tile would be there every day.

Nature beings show their faces - often in a three-dimendional effect - which can have pricesless expressions; some perplexed or seemingly plotting something, and they also materialise with spectacular clothing, which can be reminiscent of other time periods such as the medieval age.

Their clothing and hats are sometimes finished off with with intricate details such as buttons, buckles, feathers - some shimmering creations which far outshine our own modern fashion. You can FEEL them looking back at the camera and before and after shots provide proof of light-bending - now you see me, now you don't!

Questioning whether something is true or not is a good thing.

For example, two houses could have tapping and banging at night. In one house, it could be a water pipe, rats, a branch brushing up against a window.

In the other house it could be spirit trying to get someone’s attention.

Matrixing does exist. So too is it a fact that these beings reveal themselves in photos.

The faces on this site are not matrixed - far from it - a single face is rarely defined and as they are not human, they do not look like a human or animal face. An example of a matrixed face is one found on Mars that popularly does the rounds, which is made up of rock and shadow - a geological feature.

However, if you are attuned to identifying elemental energy, elemental faces are discernible on Mars and, appearance-wise, they look no different to beings found on Earth. Google Earth is a tool to research that for yourself.

Matrixing is a popular term used by paranormal investigators to debunk a face appearing in a photo and, orbs too, are often debunked as dust particles. Now whilst they may be aware of what MATRIXING IS, to assess something with an open mind, from all possible angles, they need to understand what MATRIXING IS NOT! For example when something is not 'in-line' with a physical object.

The photographic proof of nature spirits is commonly misunderstood because the beings do not look as clearly defined as a human face of this dimension would - which is what people expect - but these beings are, after all, not human!

These photos can confuse the human brain - especially when they are a three-dimensional hologram and have a layering effect. Ordinary photos are flat and two-dimensional. Holograms are MANUFACTURED using special laser light to give the ILLUSION of depth - the illusion of an extra dimension. Nature spirit photos do this naturally - they naturally have that depth because the beings are leaning in from their dimension to ours.

These photos show beings on another frequency of light and energy - through the veil - and that may not neatly fit into some people's boxes or be within their comfort zone.

Below: consecutive photos - on the same camera setting - natural as taken.

Left: nature beings manipulating the environment, bedning light, to say, "Hello!" Right: how leaves are ordinarily perceived. In comparison, the properties of light and shade are worlds apart - literally.

Hedgewitch, hedge riding, crossing the veil