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Fairytastic #2 FREAKY FOREST!

Here are two pages of nature spirits of a hazel tree which is totally crammed with beings!

They are out in force in countless numbers all around the tree too in the 'dead' leaves and background.

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Some Hoodies!

Look out for these two hooded men sitting camouflaged in the leaves. One of them likes sunglasses!

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Here is the hazel tree:

Focusing first on the middle of the tree:

Haunted Tree Photos

In this enlargement below, can you see anyone peering back at you?

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All around the tree are countless tiny beings. Impossible to count them!

Take your time to see the endless faces. Only a few are cropped out:

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Another photo crop of the tree to be broken down and enlarged:

Earth spirit photos

One being below looks witch-like wearing a hat with symbols on it:

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Below it looks like a lady with an enormous round head peering out of the tree:

Real Princess Fiona

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Mother Nature Spirits

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Seeing faces everywhere

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Fairytastic #2 Freaky Forest continued on Page 2

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