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Haughty Hyacinth sits with her back to the camera in her high-collared outfit.

Paranormal Photographs Web Sites                       Spooky faces

But she does have eyes in the back of her head!

Below is the blossom tree where she was photographed.

Fairy Tree, Tree of Fairies

Can you spot Haughty Hyacinth in photo below?

Real Gnome Photo

Fairytastic Real Fairies

To Hyacinth's right is an unusual 'thingy' and faces are manifesting on it.

Photographed fairies

How many faces can you see in the back of Hyacinth's head? LOL!

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Haughty Hyacinth's companions in the tree:

Faeries near                   Fairy Faces

Fairy in photographs, can you see?

Many beings are manifested on the right-hand side of 'the thingy'. Some faint, some better defined.

Fairy Admirers                 Fairy Existence

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Lover of the fae                   Elfin spirits

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Can you also see the nature spirits manifested in the background?

Fae and gnome photo

Fairy House, fairy rings, photo

Finding fairies in blossom trees                 Friends of the faeries                 Fairy companion

Can you see this little chap in side profile, facing left with a green pointy hat?

How to attract fairies                   Real Elf

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The Fae and Friends

Earth Nature Spirits

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Blue elementals

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Fairy play friends

Photographing the Fae

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The unusual 'thingy' has a sea of just visible faces on it.

Ghost Photographs Genuine

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Paranormal Activity in Trees                   Are elementals positive?

Fae existence                   Believers in ghosts                   Spirits in trees

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Where there is mischief and ethereal objects being used.

Gnome and Faerie Photos                 Real gnomes, gnome photo

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