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Fairytastic Kids #1 BARTHOLOMEW BEAR

Elemental bear, bear nature spirit

Bartholomew seems to be very wise bear!

He appears to be overseeing all the activity going on in the blossom tree below where he was photographed.

Flower Faces

Photo crop 1.

Can you spot Bartholomew in the photo below?

Real fairy photographs

      Real nature spirits                   How to photograph nature spirits

Well done if you can see him!

Let's take a closer look at Bartholomew and everyone else in photo crop 1.

You might have noticed that he does not manifest alone which is common with nature spirit appearances.

If your eyes shift slightly one way or the other, often different images emerge from holographic spirit images which can also have a 3-D effect. It's fascinating stuff!

Elemental bear, bear nature spirit                     Elemental beings, elemental animal beings

Can you see the other elemental beings around Bartholomew?

What do nature spirits look like?                 Witches and Witchcraft                 Photos of real elemental beings

Just above the largest horizontal branch in photo crop 1 is the image below:

Real fairies                           Real Faerie Photographs

Look closely at her.

She is very human-like and has some sort of floral head decoration! Which face catches your attention first?

The little girl's face?

Ghostly images

Or the woman's face?

Real fairy faces

Below are some more nature spirits from photo crop 1.

They are amongst or infused into the flowers and branches. They are also showing themselves in the background of the photo - which may appear as blurry - this is quite simply how they present themselves!

They can manipulate the 'physical' surroundings to do this. If nature spirits assigned to a blossom tree exist only to nurture the blossom tree then they can only be seen in and on and around the blossom tree.

Lady elemental beings                           Real fae

Fairy Puzzles                         Nature spirit forum                         Spirit of a woman

Just below Bartholomew and peering down at the female being is this character below.

He is manifested in a 3-D effect.

If you scroll back up to main photo, can you see the way he has emerged from his dimension to ours?

Nature Spirit Photo Forum

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Crop 2. Moving on to another part of Bartholomew's tree . . .

Fairies in Blossom Trees

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Crop 3. Elsewhere in the tree . . .

Evoking the Fae

Genuine fairy photography                   Fairies in blossom trees

Nature spirits and faeries             Nature spirits and faeries             Nature spirits and faeries             Nature spirits and faeries             Nature spirits and faeries

One being looks a bit like a bear cub.

Others seem to want to snuggle up to him.

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Some appear to be relaxing against a branch:

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Fairies in foilage

Arriving at a branch similar to Toy Town!

Amongst this gathering, can you see one being that looks like a clown and another like a toy soldier?

Little Forest Folk

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