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Fairytastic Kids #2 ISABELLE

Meet Isabelle.

The real Tinkerbell

How do you see her face?

Fairies caught on camera             Fairies caught on camera             Fairy Faces             Real fairy photo            Real faerie photo

The Fae                   Fairy Habits

Below is the tree where she was photographed:

Evoking the Elementals

Photo Crop 1.

Challenge! Can you spot Isabelle in the photo below?

This photo is in its original size - she is very tiny.

Nature's elemental spirits

Meet some of her companions, all from the above photo:

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The crop above has had the lighting and contrast adjusted to better show the nature spirits present.

Below are the individuals natural.

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Fairy Princess                 Spirit of the Fairy                 Faerie Spirit

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Photo crop 2:

Fanclubs for faeries

Searching for faries in the forest                 fairy images

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Faeries in Flower Buds                     Magic and Fairies

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Fairy Luck

The Reality of Fairytales               Fairy Stories for Children               Tuning into the universal energies               Earth Child

Elsewhere in Isabelle's tree, there's more fae & folk to see:

Flower fairy photos, real fairies in flowers                    Faeries and flowers

Discovering Fairy Magic                     Fae and myths

            See real fairies             Faerie photos

            Ghost faces             Psychics and the Spirit World

Hope you enjoyed Fairytastic Kids #2 Isabelle.

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