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(Continued . . .) Nature Spirit Photographers

Fairytastic Forum Members:

Faerie Photographer    

Pam Connor from Indianapolis has been photographing the fae for over ten years.

She was over the moon to find the Fairytastic Forum, a place to share her photos of the wee folk.

She has found many etheric objects and etheric crafts in her photos. She frequents a local pond and has shown many spectacular photos of the beings who dwell within it.

Pam's photos are often presented with a delightful write-up of what might be occuring within her photos, what the beings might possibly be saying or doing which is great fun.


Pam's Photos

Faerie Royalty - Ripple Beings:

Ripple Spirits

To Be Or Not To Be A Shakespeaean Faerie:

Faerie folk photography

The Emerald Water City:

Faerie houses, real fae dwellings

Gnome Shoe:

Nature Spirits Forum

Gnome In Top Hat:

Gnome's clothing

Pam's Video:

Faerie Photographer    

Solane Star from Ontario, Canada has taken many fantastic photos and is a very interactive and friendly member of the forum.

Solane says:

"I can't say that I REAL-ly give it any mind or any of my attention, any conscious AWARE-ness until I started taken pictures of Mother Nature with my new camera and moved into and onto the country side where I still live at present. Made jokes about faeries living here and ALL and did say to everyone that I should stick a sign up reading all FAERIES WELL-COME down by the pond, when I first moved in, but had no clue to what was about to un-fold right before my very eyes, better yet show UP though my camera and that I would be taken pictures of Nature Spirits."  

Images Of You Pink & Blue:

Photographing sylphs

Fog Moon:

Nature Artwork

Some First Encounters At The Water's Edge:

Ripple Elementals

Spirit Fire Colours:

Colourful fire spirits

Meet Mirabella:

Faerie Photographer    

Yvonne (aka Uma) from Ontario, Canada

"I was so excited to have the experience there. It made it so personal. They are sooo cute. I do feel connected with the fae. It's sometimes overwhelming, but in a good way. I feel as though they really draw out my inner child."

Uma's website/blogs: &

Yvonne's Photos

Tree Spirits, Lions Valley Park

Ancient tree spirits

Photos of ancient trees

Spirits of bark

Snow spirits

Nightspirit from Australia's photos:

Spirit of waterfalls

Waterfall spirit photo

Spirit photographers group

We are happy to examine your photos on the forum for nature spirit activity.

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