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Kaspian Kat has piercing emerald eyes.

Witches Cats                     Elemental Beings Real Photos

Can you see him in side profile in the photo below?

There is a being to his left who looks a bit like Henry VIII, LOL. He is gazing up at what may be an ethereal rose.

Can you also see a female elemental being smiling amongst the blossom?

Fairy Cat

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Below is the tree where Kaspian Kat was photographed:

Magickal Cats

And it is packed with many rather odd-looking nature spirits!

Photo crop 1.

Can you spot Kaspain in the below?

Fairytales for real

Below are some of the nature spirits enlarged from the above photo:

Faeries really do exist

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Can you see any witchy beings in the crop below?

Have cropped out the clearest one and lightened slightly for better viewing

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Peculiar-looking bunch indeed!

Many more to come in photo crop 2:

Bewitching photos

A closer look at them:

Spellbinding photography

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