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Real gnomes, gnome photography

Visit the FORUM to discover more about nature spirits & how to capture them on camera.

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Real gnomes, gnome photos

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Real elementals

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Fairy faces, fairy beings, nature spirits     Spooky faces     Real Fae & Pixie Photos     Real Gnome Photo     Strangest Faces

The Reality of Fairytales

Fairytastic Kids #1 Bartholomew Bear Page 1   Page 2

Fairytastic Kids #2 Isabelle

Fairytastic Kids #3 Haughty Hyacinth & Fae At Play Page 1   Page 2

Fairytastic Kids #4 Candourelle Page 1   Page 2

Fairytastic Kids #5 Doris Daffy Page 1   Page 2

Fairytastic Kids #6 Kaspian Kat Page 1   Page 2

Real fairy, flower hats


Photos of waterfall undines     Elementals     Beautiful Elementals     Elementals     Nature being photo    Team of elementals

Hunting for elementals

Fairytastic #1 Waterfall Page 1   Page 2

Fairytastic #2 Freaky Forest Page 1   Page 2

Fairytastic #3 Ghost Witch!

Fairytastic #4 Lucid Lake!

Fairytastic #5 Bluebell Warrior

Fairytastic #6 The Cloaked Lady

Fairytastic #7 Peek-a-BOO!

Fairytastic #8 Hidey-Hole

Fairytastic #9 Daisy May

Fairytastic #10 Bramble Ramble

Fairytastic #11 Emerald Mist

Fairytastic #12 Windsor Castle Page 1   Page 2

Ghosts in cloaks


Nature Spirit Photos Page 1   P. 2   P. 3   P. 4   P. 5   P. 6   P. 7   P. 8   P. 9   P. 10   P. 11   P. 12   P. 13

Elementals of trees   Fire Spirits   Genuine fairy photographs   Fire spirits


Fairy Photos Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5     Page 6     Page 7     Page 8

Playing with faeries     True Faeries in photos     Magical Faces     Face Magic     Children's Fairy Pictures

Real Gnome and fairy pictures

Witch elemental, witchy nature spirits

Seeing through the veil

Real Fairy Photographs


Discussions about nature spirits & nature spirit photography
Other members include nature spirit researchers & photographers
Videos, discussions about shamanic journeying, paganism and the old ways
Upload your own photos, create your own page, blogs
Nature spirit research and experiments to try yourself

How nature spirits captivate our imagination! Magickal works of fiction such as The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Spiderwick Chronicles are enchanting and nature spirits are the source of inspiration.

But they really do exist.

And we cannot exist without them.

Visit the forum to find out more about the beings who maintain and nurture the Earth. And our bodies! They are everywhere.

They can be photographed within the four elements:

Earth Element – Earth spirits, sometimes called gnomes

Air Element - Air spirits, sometimes called sylphs

Fire Element - Fire spirits, sometimes called salamanders

Water Element – Water spirits, sometimes called undines

Also in the forum you can see some GIANTS & Pictoriale's CRYSTAL SPIRITS. You can create your own page, blogs, and upload your own photos of nature spirits.

Faeries and nature spirits are discussed in detail, otherworldy journeys and encounters shared with like-minded people. Do faeries have wings? How to see them without the aid of the camera. View some real ghost photos, read about nature spirits' colourful clothing, learn how to take nature spirit photos yourself and understand how they manifest.

Also on the forum is the latest nature spirit research and experiments. There's a lot of banter and tips on how to take your own photos. There are orb photos, discussions about portals/port holes, spiritual development and different states of consciousness. Pop in if you fancy a chat!


Every photo on this site is genuine. Nothing is added or deleted from them. The photos are not of physical things - you are looking through the veil. A few photos are lightened slightly if there are beings present in darkened areas.

All images are subject to copyright law.

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