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Fairytastic #4 LUCID LAKE!

This issue contains real photos of discarnates, some shadow beings and, of course, nature spirits.

Some might find these photos a bit spooky.

Over Lucid Lake hovers The Hooded Man (below on the left.)

Real Ghosts at a Lake     Real Ghost     Spirits and elementals     Undine activity     Creature elementals     Overlapping ghost faces

But he's not alone! Lots of spirits hang around with him!

Ghosts at lakes

In a darkened area . . .

Haunted Lakes and Rivers

. . . across the water, the Hooded Man's floats above the water.

Also there are faces in the water, above the water, each side of the Hooded Man, in the bushes and the trees.

Let's take a closer look!

Can you see spirits hovering above the water. Also in the photos coming up, pay attention to the shadows.

Scary Ghost Photos

There is a clear 'line' directly above the hooded man.

Could it be a rope? Perhaps he was hanged or it could simply be a tree branch. If you scroll back to the larger photo crop, there is an impression of this 'line' stretched over the tree.

Look how much spirit activity there is in the crop below. In the background, in the plants, the shadows.

Ghouls and Ghosts             Real Ghosts at a Lake        

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Water and ghost photos

Water spirit photos             Water spirit photos             Water spirit photos             Water spirit photos             Water spirit photos

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Spiritual photography             Spiritual photography             Spiritual photography             Spiritual photography

As well as many nature spirits, do you see the man's face in the top of the tree in the next photo?

The elementals have manifested splendidly - the photo is totally packed with them. Also look at the shadow beings.

These are fairly large and there's quite of few of them against the tree trunks, in the water and one standing in the right of the photo.

Goulish Photos

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Troll photos

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Large nature spirits             Huge elementals             Big nature spirits             Nature spirits

Real Ghost Lake

Water elementals             Reflections of ghosts             Haunted water edges

Another part of the lake from the main photo which also has some fascinating shadow beings.

Real ghostly images

Ghosts in hiding

Haunted by witches

Witch elementals             Witch elementals             Witch elementals             Creepy spirits

Creepy spirits             Creepy spirits             Elementals             Spirit photos             Nature spirits

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Ghosts and witches by the river

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Nature spirits             Nature spirits             Nature spirits             Nature spirits           Nature spirits

Below is a close-up of the lake.

If you look closely, the photos are teeming with water spirits.

Lake Spirits, Water Spirit Photos

Haunted lakes, water spirit photos

Hope you enjoyed Fairytastic #4 Lucid Lake.

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