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(Continued . . .) Nature Spirit Researchers & Photographers

Meet Some Fairytastic Forum Members

Faerie Photographer    

Leon Stam from the Netherlands has his own informative site about nature spirits and has over two decades of experience communicating with spirits from other dimensions. He wishes people to look at nature differently.

"Would we treat nature less indifferently if the forces behind nature´s processes became visible to us, had a 'face' literally? Could it make us reconsider our views on nature and eventually stop us messing around with her? It might... Well, paradoxically, it looks like our own technological evolution is going to achieve just that. I will tell you up front that you will probably find it hard to believe the pictures are real. Or you might not see anything at all, for that matter."

Leon's Photos

Proof faeries exist

Real faeries in the woods

Spirit Photographers

Nature Spirits

Leon's YouTube Video:

Faerie Photographer    

Norseman is a dear friend.

Norsey's kingdom is the ancient lands of the Northlands, UK, where he spends much time walking the land, striding the hedge, campaigning to save the ancient forests, sometimes he even sleeps out in the wild.

"I began my path without even knowing, learning the Land, the flora and fauna, the weather, the geology, the rivers, dales, and moors of Northern England."

"I was imprinted by the Land. I belonged to it."

"By the mid-90's, I had absorbed the skills and crafts of a Cunning Man without ever even hearing that name."

"In the late nineties, I got the call from Mother Earth to help preserve my Land and I have been a Servant of Gaia ever since."

Norseman's Photos

The Green Lady of the Woods and the Dragon of Swale:

Photos from the Otherworld       Shamans and Druids in Britain

Striding the hedge

Below are just a few of the many nature spirits in the photo above:

Nature spirits     Nature spirits     Nature spirits     Nature spirits    Nature spirits     Nature spirits     Nature spirit photo     Nature spirit photo

Nature spirit photo     Faerie realm         Faerie realm     Nature spirits     Nature spirit photo     Elemental Kingdom     Elemental Kingdom     Elemental Kingdom

Cunning Man, Shamans

Can you see the spirits in and around the waterfall below?

Hedge Witch

Below are more water spirits. Can you make out their faces?

Hedge Craft

Faerie Photographer    

Danielle from Hingham, USA was sooo excited after taking her first nature spirit photos!

"That day I was so lost in nature. I felt I was in another plane!!"

"I was so mesmerized and hypnotised with the magical beauty of the tiny woods. One photo was taken at a very special tree. I feel really connected with it."

"So I was so excited to have the experience there. It made it so personal. They are sooo cute. I do feel connected with the fae. It's sometimes overwhelming, but in a good way. I feel as though they really draw out my inner child."

Danielle's Photos

Nature spirit photos

      Spirit photography       Spirit photography       Spirit photography

Fern Nature Spirits

Leaf spirit photos       Spirits of nature photos       Photos of nature spirits             Tiny spirits       Parallel universe

Faerie Photographer    

Michelle Curtis from Berkshire took her son out for a walk in their local woods with her camera and captured so many nature spirits first attempt.

Chell is very in tune with nature and the universal energies that surround us all and is a clairvoyant medium.

Some words from Chell about the experience:

"When you see the nature spirits in your photos, then the photos come to life."

Chell's Photos

About nature spirits

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Photographing elementals

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Leaf spirits



How to photograph nature spirits    

Michela Giunchi from Italy searched the internet for a nature spirit website where she could share her photos and experiences and have some serious discussions.

She has taken photos of forests, rocks and natural pools.

In Michela's first photo named, 'Shadow Faerie', she asks:

"Can you see a faerie sitting proud in her black dress?"

Michela's Photos

Can you see this gathering?

Shamanic Journeys

Some colourful beings from Wales:

The Underworld

Hedge Riding

Berkshire Faeries, UK Fairy Photos    

Nicola Turner from Berkshire shows the results of her first trip out with her camera.

The photo is of a patch of bluebells from her local woods and she shows the beings in colour and sepia.

Nikki says of the experience:

"I took this photo when I was in the woods recently. And I can see lots of faces. If you look hard, do you see them too? I was amazed when I could see them so clearly!"

Nikki's Photos

      Spirit Photos

Fairies in England

Fairies found in the UK

"One day my daughter pointed up at the sky and we saw a rare upside-down rainbow. Do you see faces there?"

Upside down rainbow

Berkshire Faeries, UK Fairy Photos    

Lunacii from Clearfield, USA, could see nature spirits instantly in photos.

She took some photos of her own and has captured many nature spirits on camera.

It is natural to have a few doubts to start with and wonder if what you see is real.

"At first I think I was scared to see anything because I was afraid it was me just wanting to see things. I know I see them, but I keep second guessing myself, LOL! Thank you very much for looking at my photos! It's much appreciated! And I feel like I can continue taking more pictures with more confidence! I just need to practice seeing them and not second guessing myself all the time."

Lunacii's Photos

Nature spirit photography forum

Spirits of nature photos

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