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Meet Some Nature Spirit Researchers & Photographers!

Pictoriale is joint partner on the Forum

Real gnome photo    

Pictoriale has ten years experience as a nature spirit researcher and photographer and I'm very honoured that she is a partner on the Fairytastic Forum where she shares her experiences and offers guidance to all.

It was thanks to one of her photos that I first ventured out with a camera and she has taught me to think outside the box and understand more about nature spirits, how they manifest and about energy movement.

Together we are providing photographic evidence to the existence of nature spirits, making in depth observations and carrying out experiments on the forum.

Pictoriale can be contacted via the forum and also has a stunning collection of photos uploaded on her Photographic Phenomena website.

Some words and photos from Pictoriale:

Roughly ten years ago I began to focus on nature spirits. I found them cropping up in my photos constantly, drawing my attention to them.

A lot of my photos appeared distorted wih movement blur and I put this down to my error initially, until when examining them closely, I discovered I was seeing nature spirits everywhere in them.

    Nature Spirit Researchers

In water for example:

Water Spirit Photos

I could not always see them very clearly and sometimes had to scour each photo to see them. I also discovered early on, it is not necessarily the sharp, clear photograph that will produce the nature spirits for you to see. Actually they will appear more readily in somewhat blurred photos.

These beings are not physical, so in expecting really crystal clear, sharp images of them, you may be severely disappointed.

Fae Photo                   

I had no preconceived ideas about what to see as I was not actively looking for them. The majority of my sightings are en-masse, only rarely do I find a singular, well defined and what appears to be a physical manifestation occuring.

I see mainly human type figures - that is, a head, two arms, two legs. most are clothed, many of the male figures wear hats (for some reason) and the male beings appear to outnumber the females considerably. Skin, hair, clothing colours all depend on where the nature spirits are in nature.

This is how they appear to me, but for you they may present themselves a little differently.

Below is a photograph of a patch of sky. Can you notice if you look into the photo, people, shapes and faces looking back? This is how I view energy:

Universal Energy, Air Spirits Photos

Using a USB microscope, I am able to look into the matrix of crystals.

Meet the people of the Crystal Worlds:

Crystal Spirits

Crystal People, Crystal Energy

Crystal Spirits, Spirits of Crystals

The Use of Wands

I have on quite a few occasions noticed wands being used by nature spirits.

Wands and rods are used as a focusing object for power or energy transfer. In the examples below, they appear to be used for transmuting and transforming energy in something.

This is a close-up crop of a being in a bush using his wand as he works. I have arrowed the parts as I see it and produced the photo in sepia to show the nature being clearer:

Wands used by nature spirits

Below is a photo of fire beings, one with a fire wand. I have arrowed the wand being held:

Fire Spirit Photos, Fire Wands

The Snow Faeries Arrive:

Snow Fairies, Snow Faeries, Photos

And some Snow Beings:

Nature spirits of snow

Meet Mr Snooki!


Below is one of the Avebury stones in the UK. Looking at the stone in the negative, gives a very different version of what you see in the "normal" photographs:

Avebury Spirits, Avebury Stones

When I opened the blinds one morning whilst on holiday, I discovered this hare at the bottom of the garden path. I just laughed as it looked most strange. Look into its fur and see what you can see. Something/s were up to fun:

Shape Shifting Animal Photo

Can you see the sky people looking at us?

Air Spirits, Cloud People

The beings of the rocks I find totally compelling, so I love going to visit mountainous and rock strewn areas. The photo below is a crop taken from a cliff top looking down towards the water edge:

Spirits of Rocks Photos

Visiting my favourite willow tree was always a pleasure as I always had a big company of friends waiting for their photograph taking.

Willow Tree Spirits

Having a very berry time by the look of it:

Fruit spirits, nature spirits of fruit

Below are Pictoriale's YouTube videos:

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