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(Continued…) Fairytastic Kids #1 BARTHOLOMEW BEAR

Photo crop 4 which has more human-like beings.

Can you see the greyish-coloured spirits about the middle of the photo below?

Faces Puzzles

That area enlarged:

Magic of Fairies

Playing with faeries

Do you see the lady below with her eyes closed or leaning forward as if to whisper something?

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Below are more female nature spirits. One has her eyes closed.

Can you see her?

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Below, their features are not that clear but visible if you can make out which way they are facing.

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More elementals from photo crop 4. Spirit clothing is far more exciting than ours! One of these nature spirits below likes sunglasses! They are often photographed wearing shades, LOL!

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Below are some more beings found in other parts of Bartholomew's tree.

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Witchy pics

Many fae below infused into the blossom and leaves:

Real fairy photos                         Fairy photography forum

English fairies       English faeries

Can you see any tiny faces peeking out from the photo below?

They are well camouflaged.

Real fairy photographs

Hope you enjoyed Fairytastic Kids #1 Bartholomew Bear.

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