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(Continued . . .) Real Faerie Photos

Faerie Photos #77:

Nature and fairies, connecting with nature spirits                 Real Fae & Pixie Photos

Faerie Photos #13:

Real Fairy

Can you see the little blue-faced lady in the photo above? Showing her natural as photographed and lightened a touch for better viewing. Have enlarged and lightened also some of the spirits visible against the tree bark:

Blue fairies                   Real fairies

Tree spirits, camouflaged                     Genuine faerie encounters

Spirits in trees                

Faerie Photos #78:

Elemental Photos                   Ethereal light around elementals and spirits

Faerie Photos #79


Fairy Tricks         Fairy Magic         Real fairy magick

Above are two consecutive photos, taken moments apart.

In the first, there is a little lady peering out at the camera. In the second photo, she has vanished!

You may also notice that there is a rearrangement of the leaves. They can manipulate their surroundings and camouflage themselves perfectly by infusing themselves into their surroundings. They can return to their own dimension at will. I have found many that seem to love having their photo taken - not shy at all!

They exist in a different dimension to ours, are on a different vibrational frequency and the photos above demonstrate that they can choose whether to enter our dimension or not by altering their energy.

In the photo previous to these two - there is what some may say is a faerie. But I would prefer to say this is a bug.

I don't 'do wings' and have not compared it to photos of bugs photographed at night to check for similarites or differences. I like to see their faces!

Fairy lights, fairy sightings

Faerie Photos #80

Real Fairy Photo                     Real faerie, Fruit fairy

Faerie Photos #12:

Fairy faces             Real fairy photography             How to call the fae

True fairy photos

Fairy connections

Faerie Photos #11:

How to photograph fairies

Discovering Fairy Magic           Fae and myths           Flower fairy photos, real fairies in flowers           Faeries and flowers

Fairy gatherings, fairy rings, photos               The Reality of Fairytales               fairy images

Fairies in flower photos             Fairy information             Fairy's Magic             Faerie Homes

Faerie Photos #16:

English fairies     Fairies in England

Fairy Photos #72:

Real Fairy                 Real Fairy                 Fairy Forums

Faerie Photo Crop 17:

Fairies hiding in leaves and flowers

Faerie Photos #18:

Encountering fairies

Encounter with fairies           Meeting nature spirits           Meeting elementals           Meeting the fae           Fae encounters

Fairy Photos #2:

Can you see this tiny beings? Some in the photo below are perfectly camouflaged in the flowers.

Fairy Forum               Faerie Forum

Real Fairy Photos

The real fae           Real fairies           Fairy realm           Genuine fairy photos

Fairy Photos #3:

Fairy gathering

Faeries Photo Forum

Realm of the fae                 Capturing real fairies on camera

Forum for fairy lovers

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