Relax your eyes and see spirit faces.

Nature spirits unveiled, beyond the veil

Real Faerie Photographs

Elemental Beings


Real gnomes, gnome photography

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Contacting faeries, fairy realms

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Element Groups of Elementals     Element Groups and Nature Spirits

Friendly fairies

Witchy Elementals

Fairies in motion

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Spirit photos taken of water

Leaf spirits, beings of leaves

Spirits in waterfalls     Waterfall spirit photo

Gnomes and elementals

Real fairy

Photos of waterfall undines

Photos of nature spirits

Funny spirit faces

Real gnomes, gnome photos

Fire elementals, photos of fire spirits

Real elementals

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Real gnomes, gnome photo

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Real Gnomes


Genuine fairy photography

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Nature spirits

Ethereal light around elementals and spirits

Real fairy photography

Faerie photos

The Elementals

REAL FAERIES. How to see through the veil. Real photos of the fae and nature spirits.

Working with the elementals

Bending light, nature spirits and elementals

Elementals manifestation

Spirits wearing cloaks, cloaked spirit photo

Nature spirits

Witch spirits, witchy spirit elementals

Elementals gathering

Rock spirits, stone spirits

Cave undine photos

Waterfall spirits, nature spirits

Emperor elementals

Water spirit photo

Real Ghosts at a Lake

Hive mind energy

Tree Trunk Faces

Fruit Spirits, real photos of elementals

Real fairy with wand

Nature spirit in motion photo

Elemental creativity, nature's art

Elementals in ethereal light      Glowing elemental beings

Nature spirit energy

Elementals showing themselves

Elemental beings website

Elementals artwork using real photos

Ghostly images

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(Continued . . .) Real Fairy Photographs

Real Fairy Photos #110:

Real Fairy Photos #112:

Real Fae Photos 113:


Real Fairy Photos #114:

How to find fairies

A male being seems to be relaxing with his elbows resting on the branch. A lady being looks over his shoulder.

Fairy Stories                 Fairy Tale Romance

They are not alone!

Faerie Names                 Faerie Traits

Real Fairy Photos #115:

Real Fairy Photos #116:

Real Fairy Photos #117:

Elementals           Elemental photos           Elementals           Nature spirits

Nature spirits               Faces photography               Strange faces combined               Elementals

Real Fairy Photos #118:

Real Fairy Photos #119:

Real Fairy Photos #120:

Real Fairy Photos #121:

Real Fairy Photos #122

Windsor Castle and the spirit realm

            Beautiful Nature             Beautiful elementals             Nature and faces             Elements of Nature

Spirit faces of nature               Fairytale Faces               Expressions of the elementals               Elementals              

Facial expressions             Expressions of nature             Elementals at play             Elemental pictures             Beings of nature spirit

Real Fairy Photos #123:

Real Fairy Photos #124:

Real Fairy Photos #125:

Faeries hiding in the grass

Real Fairy Photos #128:


Real Fairy Photos #126:

Real Faerie Photos

Real Fairy Photos #129:



Look for real fairies

Real Fairy Photos #130:

Real fae

Real Fairy Photos #131:

Bending light to be seen which causes blurring.

Study the background of foliage and wall which is brimming over with nature spirits:


Light bending

Thank you for looking. Photos added regularly so please visit again!

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