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100's of nature spirits photographed in and around the pond at Windsor Castle.

Flower fairies

The castle gardens are home to some real characters!

Photo crop 1

This rose bush is crammed full of fae and wee folk.

Windsor Castle Spirits

A closer look at them all by breaking down crop 1:

Spirits of Windsor Castle Gardens

Windsor Castle Garden's Nature Spirits

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Look out for all the beings translucent, but still visible against the grass

Elemental Devas

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Spirit of rose plants

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Deva of the rose               Grass elementals               Spirits of grasslands               Spiritual Energies               Grassland Spirits

Castle Garden Spirits

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Spirits in castle grounds

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Windsor Castle and the spirit realm

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Facial expressions             Expressions of nature             Elementals at play             Elemental pictures             Beings of nature spirit


Castle elementals               Garden spirits               Garden nature spirits               Elementals               Plant elementals

Garden beings           Garden nature spirits           Garden spirits           Elementals           Nature spirits in your garden           Garden spirits           Garden spirit photos

Garden spirit photos           Garden elemental photographs           Spirits of the garden           Nature spirits           Elementals           Spirit elementals

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Elementals             Visible elementals             Strange elementals             Elemental magick             Nature Spirits

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Elementals           Elemental photos           Elementals           Nature spirits

Nature spirits               Faces photography               Strange faces combined               Elementals

Elementals             Nature spirits             Elementals             Elementals             Nature spirit photos

Elementals found in gardens                 Elementals                 Elementals                 Nature spirits

Photo crop 2


Fairies                 Real faeries                 Real faerie photographs

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More elementals from Windsor Castle Grounds on Page 2:

Spirit Reflections         Work of the elementals         Real nature spirits         Undines in fountains           Real elementals         Pond Sprits         Undine photography

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